Po Hao (Howie) Chen

I am a third-year undergraduate at Boston University, pursuing MS/BA in Computer Science. I have interests in various domains of computer science. In particular, I focus on Theory & Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. I coached and lead the BU ICPC team and I teach a class on algorithmic problem solving at BU in Fall 2021.

Previously, I research with the Kolachalama Lab in developing pCNN to learn pathological annotation and predict features that may reveal potential cancer diseases.

As a hobby, I work on independent research in building affordable high-performance computing (HPC) systems. Additionally, I represented MIT/BU at SC20 Student Cluster Competiton. This year, I will be co-leading the Massachusetts Green Team.

Basically, I like to optimize things faster.

Email: howchenn at gmail dot com



This year the Massachusetts Green Team is making a return to Supercomputing Conference. We have been planning and experimenting with custom cluster since the last competiton. For more information, see our talk at Boston Linux User Group. Stay tuned! I competed at SCC the first time in 2020, I talked about my experiences in this NVIDIA blog

In addition to cluster competition, I serve as the the Co-President of BUHPC Club. You can find my tutorial on MPI etc.. on our website.

I founded the competetive programming team at BU, we are looking for prospective members! If interested, feel free to reach out.